AfA 2014

Agroecology and Sustainability of Tropical Rainfed Cropping Systems


février 26th, 2014

The conference seeks to improve both scientific and practical understanding of how agroecology is best integrated in the management of tropical rainfed agriculture for sustainability by African small-scale farmers. Specific themes include:

1-    Exploring options for sustainable ecological processes and the development of the (agro) biodiversity of rainfed cropping systems

Restoration, protection, maintenance and improvement of soil fertility with particular reference to technologies, soil biology, crop/livestock integration, agroforestery, ecosystem services etc.

2-    Identifying bottlenecks and opportunities for implementation of Agroecology

Translation of sciences finding into practical technologies dissemination, adoption issues, policy formulation, up scaling, market, entrepreneurial initiatives…

3-    Building capacity in climate-smart agriculture through agroecology

How best to develop capacities among farmers, development agents, researchers and educators in Africa, case studies, success stories etc.

Realization : Arimanantsoa (CIRAD)