AfA 2014

Agroecology and Sustainability of Tropical Rainfed Cropping Systems

Scientific visit

mars 18th, 2014

Thursday 6th November 2014

Field day 7.00 am : Meet at main entrance of the Panorama hotel 7.30 am : Buses departure

Option 1: LONG TRIP:  RN 1 Antananarivo – Analavory : 110 km
Hosting institution: AGRISUD INTERNATIONAL

  • Site 1: Mangatany: RN 1 asphalted + 4 km non asphalted to access to the field.Agroforestry: Coffee (Coffea Arabica) and Orange trees intercropped with Acacia mangium, alleys to be filled with Stylosanthes guianensis, Composting etc..;
  • Site 2: Arivonimamo  RN1: New reclaimed land; Terraces, hedgerows, fruit trees….
  • Site  3: Remains of endemic tapia forest ( fire tolerant forest trees,  good views
  • Site  4: Makonga, RN 1, Analavory area Agroforestry: orange trees, Acacia mangium, intercropped with Stylosanthes guianensis, liquid compost, organic farming (counter season beans on paddy field), and contour planting on the hillsides.

Option 2: SHORT TRIP: RN 2 Antananarivo- Ambanitsena  : 50 km Hosting institution: SAF FJKM

  • Site 5: SAF FJKM, SAF FJKM ISOAVINA, RN 2 (half hour walking)

Training center (confessional): Compost, organic farming, lombricompost, fruit trees,  Conservation agriculture• Farmers under organic farming: vegetables, flowers, taro varieties under farm’s testing

Realization : Arimanantsoa (CIRAD)